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About Me.

I was born in the Kodinhi ( It is very near to Tirurangadi), in Malappuram Dt, Kerala, in Feb14, 1978. I had my schooling from SSM High School, Theyyala. It is very near to from my home. Just 15 minute walk distance. After my SSLC, I joined for my Diploma in Computer Engineering at SSM Polytechnic, Tirur. After 3 years I got my diploma. It was very enjoyable days in my life. I got lot of best friends from the college. When I was studying for last year, I was selected in campus interview by Network System & Technologies (NeST). I joined at NeST on July 7th 1997. I have been working here at NeST till now.

About My Native Place.

My native place is Kodinhi. It is very nearest place of Tirurangadi. Tirurangadi was an important center of the Khilaphath movement, the national movement and the Malabar Rebellion. It was the Tirurangadi incident on 20th August 1921, that ignited the out-break of Malabar Rebellion. Mambusan Kizhakkefath was the seat of Khilaphath Bader Ali Musliar.

My Technical Background.

I am a Software Engineer. I have done projects in the different areas. Following are my technical areas:

Component based Technologies: COM/DCOM based applications using Visual C++. Implemented multi client-server application using DCOM in Windows NTt 4.0.

System Programming in C++. Implemented some projects using STL and OOP technologies. Developed some shell programs for system utilities.

Implementation of Network protocol like, HTTP, FTP.

Expertise in MFC, ATL, Visaul C++ and Visual Basic with GUI development.

3D Graphics programming using Silicon Graphics's OpenGL Library.   

Device Driver development using Windows Device Driver Kit ( DDK).

Database project in SQL 7.0.

UML technologies for project design.

Rational Rose design utility for project detail design.

My Hobbies.

Music, MP3 Collections, Making MP3 CDs....I have about 7000 MP3 Songs.

Internet Browsing

Driving and Travelling. I would like to travel to parks and beachs. I like Water theme park very much. I can enjoy a full day at Water Theme park.

I like Malayalam and English cinima very much.

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